Welcome to Badrinarayan Barwale Mahavidyalaya

The Badrinarayan Barwale College in Jalna was established in 1993 based on the inspiration of Dr. Badrinarayan Barwale and the late Shri Vasantraoji Deshpande. Founded on the belief that literacy can enable social and economic transformation, the institution imparts quality education to the underprivileged sections of society. The institution has a sprawling 7-acre campus on the Jalna-Aurangabad highway.


Badrinarayanji Barwale

Education is the only way through which we will nurture intellectual, physical, moral and emotional growth of our students. They will think clearly , logically and independently. Education will make our students aware of cultural, scientific, economic and political happenings in our country and around the world. They will learn to appreciate ethical and social values.

Shri Rajendraji Barwale

welcome you all to a new academic year. The Covid 19 has impacted all of us globally and has also changed the teaching-learning process. It is very important to acquire new skills, determination and hard work to face the new online mode of education, The college management is committed to adapting new tools and methods to achieve excellence in education. wish you all good health during these strange times. All the very best to all of you for the new academic year.

Dr. Ushaji Barwale Zehr

wish you a very productive academic year. Online learning has become an integral part of our system. Students have faced problems in terms of connectivity access and so forth. College is here to support you in ensuring that we are able to get this done. College education requires full commitment and hard work from you. Choose your subjects which you really love. During Covid 19 college is here to facilitate your journey. All the best for your studies in the coming year.

Dr. Kavita Prashar


You are at a crossroads where your decision will decide your future, choose your faculty after understanding the challenges and opportunities in it. Consult your parents, teachers about it. I am sure we will come out of Covid 19. We require a strong adaptation strategy to pursue our dreams. Elearning is a temporary solution to the given situation. So ... Come..... Join this new world...